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As a furniture manufacturer with more than twenty years experiences, we have improved consistently our ability and facility to be more reliable to produce high quality product for our partners.  
Processing Facilities
Raw Material & Facilities​

One of the facilities we have is 14 chamber kiln dries in which each chamber can absorb 50m3 with MC target 6 - 8. Those kiln dries are controlled by German equipments.  We also has 1 vacuum equipment to eliminate bugs . We use mahogany as main raw material besides meranti, akasia and mixed Java wood. We keep all raw material in 3 warehouses with capacity 2,000m3 each building.


We have 6 production halls that can produce  components such as solid wood, panel, veneer and curve that suit to make bedroom set, crib and various tables.
To make those products, we are equipped by modern machines such as optimizing cutting machine, CNC router, edge banding machine with guaranteed accuracy. 


We have 4 finishing halls and one of them has 12 spraybooths with conveyor length  is around 1.100m and carries 630 pallets. The others are equipped by automatic spray machine and pallet system with 450m length , 8 spraybooths and 350 pallets. We also have UV finishing system which guarantee best quality finish for flat surface.


To ensure our products reach our buyers in good condition, packaging method plays important role. Therefore, we apply packaging system to follow ASTM standard such as Ista 1A/1B, Ista 3A and NMFTA. Some packaging are even modified to follow buyer's standard.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality team are in charged in every step of productions to monitor the quality of our products. We also apply final inspection randomly before loading into containers. Those layered inspection are to ensure the products are as per buyer's expectation.

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